The SILENCIO insect screen has a horizontal movement, with a caterpillar mechanism and a straight fabric. Reliable, durable, and quiet.

  • An innovative product with a caterpillar mechanism on the bottom, and lamina on the top
  • Quiet because it works with a single bottom caterpillar mechanism and a lamina on the top
  • It is spur operated but closes controllably thanks to the caterpillar design which makes it special
  • It withstands high wind pressure, as the fabric is hooked to the chain with the anti-wind caterpillar and does not come off
  • Its installation is very easy and is done by hanging on the telescopic guide, thus facilitating its removal, storage, and repositioning
  • The fabric is of ‘Better view’ quality
  • The lower guide is designed so that the caterpillar snaps onto it and does not come out of place. At the same time, it is low, only 3mm high. thus, making the crossing easy. This makes it ideal for entrance doors and disabled doors.


  • Single panel Maximum Width 1500mm – Maximum Height 3000mm
  • Double panel Maximum Width 3000mm – Maximum Height 3000mm
  • KIT
  • Fabric colour GRAY | BLACK (upon request)


Cross Sections ROLL Silencio

Telescopic Guide


Upper Guide