The PLISSE 27 insect screen is a model suitable for balcony doors, French doors and windows. Constructed with pleated fabric, polyester of Dutch origin and VECTRAN (carbon fibre) cords.

  • Very easy installation with the Bayonet system
  • 7mm low bottom guide with drippers and double-sided tape
  • Side cords on bottom guide
  • Regulators and clips on each cord individually to prevent chafing.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that serves as a knob
  • Magnetic closure
  • It stops at any point you want.


  • Single panel Maximum Width 2500mm – Maximum Height 3000mm
  • Double panel Maximum Width 5000mm – Maximum Height 3000mm
  • Reversible Maximum Width 2500mm – Maximum Height 3000mm
  • KIT capable of cutting up to 25cm
  • Fabric colour BLACK | GRAY

Plisse 27 Cross Sections




Floor Guide

Upper Guide