The opening insect screen door COMFY is ideally designed for kitchen doors, entrance doors and patios.

It is functional but also very durable due to the reinforced aluminium profiles

  • It is available with a special snap-on aluminum profile that hides the gascons inside
  • It is made with grey standard fiberglass fabric, which does not mould and has so much elasticity that it can stretch perfectly on the door, giving us the desired effect
  • Alternatively, aluminium screen fabric or PET SCREEN fabric is used, extremely resistant to the claws of our pet friends
  • There is the possibility of adding a 10cm high board at the bottom of the door for easier use by children and the elderly
  • The spur hinge and magnet system allows it to close comfortably and securely.



  • Single sheet Maximum Width 1100mm – Maximum Height 2300mm
  • Double-leaf Maximum Width 2000mm – Maximum Height 3000mm



FLAT COMFY cross sections